Real Estate And The Economy Improving

There is quite a buzz going on in the news about how the real estate market is seeing improvements because of an improving economy. Turn on your television or browse popular online media networks, and you will read or hear about tons of analysts mentioning that we are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel with the current economic downturn. With election just right around the corner, I often wonder if these reports are manipulated as an attempt to get the president re-elected. For myself, as being an active real estate agent, I have noticed a major upswing on the amount of homes being sold and how quickly foreclosures are getting offers on them right when they hit the real estate market. Many of the clients I work with will ask me, “How is the real estate market doing in the White Mountains, is it moving quickly?”.  The truth of the matter is, because of the low prices and low interest rates, this really couldn’t be a better time to invest or buy real estate if you have the money. Also, we are starting to see lenders productively lending more to qualified buyers, and everything seems to be on a road to recovery. Hopefully time will tell if this will be the year that is either going to make or break the current rise in our economy. Lets stay optimistic and on track to a very successful year for everyone’s sake.