Energy Efficient Tips For Your Home

Here are some tips and tricks to making your home more energy efficient. By improving your home’s energy use you can save yourself huge amounts of money, the planet and the future lifestyles of your great grandchildren. Reducing cost and natural resources by using Energy Star / Energy Efficient appliances are just some ways to going green. Read through our list of tips to make your home a more energy efficient one.

Reducing the size of your living space can significantly reduce you energy cost every month . Consider subdividing your larger home to accommodate multiple households, grow your family to the size of your home, or close off unused rooms to conserve.

Correctly insulating your home can save you money on your heating and cooling bill.  For older homes, insulate from the inside. On newer houses, you can insulate from the outside. The best way to make your home energy efficient is to maximize the insulation’s effectiveness, consistently apply it throughout the house. For example, a well-insulated wall is virtually useless next to an open window. Ensure that your home is airtight and eliminate any air leaks. This will also increase the efficiency in your home and keep your bills low.

Be sure to install quality windows in your home. Double or triple glazed windows can help with the heating and cooling in your home.Whenever possible, reduce the size of your windows; they can represent a huge source of air loss.

Landscaping is another way to make your home more energy efficient. During the summer months, if you in the warmer climate, you can plant trees to give you shade and keep your home cooler in the summer. In the winter, or if your in a cold climate, plant trees that will lose their leaves in the winter allowing your home to get more sunlight.

Another big factor to making your home more energy efficient is installing energy efficient appliances. This can include a water heater, air conditioner, and furnace. Visit your local appliance store and look for appliances that have a energy efficient label on them. These items can save you money each month by conserving on energy.

Using fluorescent lighting in you home can also reduce the amount of electricity you use every month. Fluorescent technology is continuously improving, so using fluorescent bulbs can help keep your energy levels low and also deliver bright light in your home. Combining fluorescent with incandescent lighting is another way to trim your energy usage and obtain a good spectrum of light inside your home.

Having a efficient washing machine with a good Energy Star rating can help save both water and energy. Many of the new brand washing machines with the Energy Star rating even rinses more laundry detergent out of your clothes. Consult with your local appliance store to find out whats available and affordable.

Air drying your laundry can reduce your energy demands and prolong the life of your clothing. In colder climates or apartments you can use an indoor drying rack to air dry your clothes. Otherwise, old school line drying outdoors can often reduce the need for ironing and also save you time.

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